The Beginning…

I remember it well. It was to the tunes of ARR’s ‘Pachai Nirame’ in ‘Alaipaayuthey’ that a thought came across me. I wanted to start writing a blog.

Me : Da, I want to start writing a blog?

Friend : Don’t you already have one? Something about some important information? Or something like that?

Me : Well..(laughs)… That is a huge failure… I didn’t even post a thing it..

Friend : What is it going to be about?

Me : This blog? Well… My thoughts… On… Anything?

Friend : Anything? Anganeyaanengil cheytho… But if you start, then don’t stop writing.

Me : That will be difficult.

I never complete anything that I start. I don’t know whether this is a curse. But I leave things incomplete. Be it stories that I start writing to courses that I attend(which has become a big issue with my father who refuses to let me join any course that I’m interested in because he thinks that I will leave it incomplete, and I don’t blame him).

Friend : Well…Engil Vendaa…

This idiot doesn’t encourage me at all. He is my best friend.

Me : Okay…I’ll try my best.

And thus I went on to create this blog…



8 thoughts on “The Beginning…

  1. That sounds like the last 3 blogs I have started to write in the past, I think a blog is inside everyone and its just waiting to become. In the past I have never had much to say, then I started to live a little and trust my imagination and there was no stopping me lol. Thank you for visiting my photo blog and the wonderful comment you left I am going to keep coming back to read your posts as they are intriguing. My other blog which is more deep thinking and the other side of me is Enjoy πŸ™‚ p.s. I will sort the title problem a well πŸ™‚

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