During ‘Da Thadiya’

This is not, by any chance, a review of the film. But it is a collection of thoughts and feelings that I experienced on the day I went to watch ‘Da Thadiya’ by Aashiq Abu.

Me : Chetta, 25kg of tata salt.

I was in a shop buying salt for appa’s ‘chayakada’. The shopkeeper went inside and came out bearing a 25kg ‘chaak’ carefully balancing it on his shoulder and placing it on the scooter. I rode off to the shop. There I waited for my father who was very busy inside. So I accepted the task of carrying it myself. I tried to lift it using both hands. It was heavy. Then, I tried another method. I ‘bear hugged’ the ‘chaak’ and placed it on my stomach. It was very easy then.

Me : Appa, this is a good advantage of my stomach.

He looked at me standing there with the bag firmly placed on my stomach and a tight grip of my arms around it and laughed.

Dad : Here is the money, you’d forgotten it.

Me : Yes, I realized that when I searched my pockets o’er there. I told the guy I’d bring the cash in an instant.

So, I rode off again to the shop. He was out. In the distance, I saw a trio of my college mates (girls). As they passed me, I asked them whether there was no college. They replied that they were on their way. This brief conversation was noticed by the shopkeeper who had returned.

Shopkeeper : Da Kalla, trying to lure them in your trap, uh?

Me : (laughs) Pinnae. Will they ever get trapped. This is me that we are talking about.

Shopkeeper : Athinu enthaa? Eda, all you need to trap them is some attitude and a flirting mouth. It doesn’t matter how you are. Get it? (Don’t know if this is right)

Me : Pinnae. Njaan bachelor aa. Chrooonic bachelor…

Shopkeeper : Poda. And don’t you know? Fat is today’s trend. (Don’t know about this one too) Haven’t you seen the film ‘Da Thadiya’?

It was then it all came back. The memories of the day I went to watch that film. It was almost 8 o’clock and I was in the shop. I had asked appa whether I could go to see the film ‘Da thadiya’ night show. He had allowed. And so, dressed rather shabbily (as is my usual habit, I don’t have the slightest sense of fashion, and also due to the fact that it was difficult to get the cloths that fit me) I took my bike and rode off to savitha where the film was playing. Fearing I’d be late, I increased the speed and almost collided with a man who was trying to cross the road. I apologized and resumed my journey. It was exactly 9 when I reached the theatre and bought the tickets. When I entered the theatre, the film had already begun and the only seat that I could find was the one in the far left edge of the first row. As I walked towards it, I passed a few youngsters who stared at me, panning their eyes along with my motion. I smiled at them. Co-incidentally, the seat that was left was the one next to them. And as I sat there, I could hear some murmur and some giggles coming from them.

Me : Well, at least they can now tell others that they watched ‘Da thadiya’ sitting right next to a thadiyan.

Seriously, that was what I thought at the moment. With a smile I turned my head and mind towards the screen and was soon engrossed in it. It told the story of Luke, a fatso who had an issue with his physical appearance. I could narrate the entire story here, but that is not what I intended to do.

It was during the interval that some ‘unusual’ thoughts went through my mind.

As the screen darkened, the lights switched on and the doors opened for some refreshments and some “satisfaction”, I glanced around the theatre. There were quite a lot of people who had come to see the film especially the night show. I noticed that a few people sitting a few rows directly behind me were glancing in my direction. I looked around inside the theatre and noticed a thing, there were no stout people. Yes, I noticed three or four men who had a ‘bulge’ in the stomach area. But not as much as me. It was then that I felt like I was the master of the theatre. That the film playing on screen was a projection of incidents that happened or are bound to happen in my life. I even felt like going to the raised platform right in front of the screen and sitting there, looking at all the people and waving my hands at them. “Welcome everyone. Sugham alle?”. I expected a roar of applause from the crowds and a damn huge smile on my face. But of course, these were just thoughts. And I did the next best thing. I got up and adjusted my shirt and walked slowly towards the door. I glanced at the people and noticed that a few people were looking directly at me as if I was a celebrity. There was an unusual smile on my face, an awkward one. I walked slowly towards the nearby food stall and bought a cup of coffee. I was so elated that I felt like wishing the person who served me coffee a “Good day”,(I didn’t). After that I came back and sat down. Taking a gentle sip out of the cup, I looked around the theatre again and I felt it again, that I was the master of the theatre, the king, the person of importance. (I don’t know why, but that is exactly how I felt). The film resumed and I watched it and enjoyed it.

A B-E-A-U-tiful film. After it ended, I joined the crowd that was making its way to the outside via a small door (I felt it to be small). My head was held high and a sense of pride took over me. “Thank you, everyone. Thanks for watching this amazing film”. I felt like I had made the film and also starred in it and hence wanted to thank everyone who had watched it.

It was an excellent feeling. It was the first time that I felt like there was a strange connection between me and the film, like I was a part of it, part of the direction, the story. I felt like I was there the entire time during the filming of the movie.

A thousand thanks to the director, Aashiq Abu, for making me feel so… (I can’t describe the exact feeling)


5 thoughts on “During ‘Da Thadiya’

  1. Great post Aadi 🙂 I just came to know about the film through your post. Sounds very interesting 🙂 I like your writing style. It has an mystery quality to it 🙂 Keep it coming !

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