Beauty and Elegance

Also titled : Infatuation

It was a normal day for me, spending my time with appa in the ‘chayakada’. It was not that far back. In fact, it happened a few days ago. Around 5 O’Clock, four people entered. They were probably in their early twenties. There was laughter and chaos in the wind after their entry. Jokes being thrown and comments being passed (I still wonder whether they said something about me and laughed).

A girl in her teens entered along with her mother and her grandmother (probably). A shy girl as she didn’t speak anything and held her ‘thattam’-covered-face down.

Before I venture further, I have a confession to make. Those who know me probably would find this awkward. I am a great admirer of beauty and I’m fascinated by Muslim girls. I have to say how elegant they look when they wear their ‘thattam’ (And contrary to what you might be thinking right now, I will answer : NO. It is not after I watched ‘Thattathin Marayathu’. I’m not a fan of the film and I have my reasons. As for my fascination, it extends way before that).

And so, there she was, sitting there. I immediately rushed o’er there with a piece of cloth to clean the table. It was then that I got a look at the face. White; calm and soothing white face. Our eyes made contact and there, I was lost. It was a brief one and then she glanced at the table. My eyes then moved quickly towards the elders seated next to her.

Her mom : Mone, randu masala dosha, oru plate vada.

I nodded, as no words escaped my mouth. I conveyed the order to appa who immediately started preparing it. I couldn’t resist staring at her. In my mind, only one word stood out. BEAUTY. Beauty in it’s pure form.

Venugopal Sir : Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

As I went there to satisfy their hunger, I couldn’t resist breaking into a smile. In fact, my face must’ve looked quite awkward as I tried to control that uncontrollable smile. I was breathless. And a gentle ‘Ah..’ noise escaped my mouth; a sort of a pleasurable pain inside me. (I wish no one would’ve heard that). ‘Too rude to stare’. I immediately went o’er to the other end of the shop. There I could get a decent view of her. Maroon, pink and another colour (couldn’t make out clearly) on her ‘thattam’. She was slim, wearing an attention seeking blue and white checked top. Breathless. Pain. ‘Too rude to stare’. I then went to the cashier’s seat passing her; stealing a glance at her. I sat on the chair and looked at her. Seriously, she is the kind of girl that needs to be observed. Observed patiently. Observe her features. That gentle dark line of ‘kanmashi’ around her eyes. A pleasant light red coloured lips held in a particular way that it creates a beautiful looking gap in the centre. Her ‘thattam’ which was a bit loose, and it slipped down and fell gently behind her head revealing her hair. I felt like stroking it gently. (Even as I imagine it now I get that pleasure). And a lock of hair that smoothly runs down on her cheeks, gently vibrating (or dancing) to the movement of her mouth when she eats. Oh! The beauty. The elegance.

Actor Surya : (in Vaaranam Aayiram) What a woman!

‘Too rude to stare’.

Our hotel staff, who had witnessed me staring at her beckoned me. And I went inside. (Innocent, Decent I-don’t-know-anything face)

The Staff : Da, Njaan kandu ketto. Go and talk to her. I’ll give you a tip. (Yeah. I know. The second person to give me a flirting tip) Take this plate of Bonda and go to the girl acting as if she had ordered it. She might give a ‘NO’. (He winked) Ninakkathokke mathi. Atleast you would be able to hear her voice. (Not a flirting tip after all)

I smiled. What else was I to do?

After she had finished eating, she walked towards the wash-room, I got as close to her as possible (not very close though). A sweet odour that lingered in my nose and mind for the rest of the day. Uncontrollable smile again. Breathlessness. Pleasurable pain.

A final look at the angel, as her mother paid the money and stepped out along with grandmother. She looked at me one last time and left.


That final scene, however, took a different shape in my mind.

As she stepped out of the hotel, in all her beauty, she turned her head in my direction.

Uncontrollable Smile. Breathlessness. Pleasurable pain.

That one moment when our eyes met for the second time.

Uncontrollable Smile. Breathlessness. Pleasurable pain.

Those light red lips broke into a gentle smile.


P.S : Ilayaraja’s ‘Nee oru kaadhal Sangeetham’ refused to escape my lips and my mind that whole day.


2 thoughts on “Beauty and Elegance

  1. Engaging one…clearly reflects ur individual taste n for those who cud cum to terms with it.this may seem more lovely….anyway,ur best efforts as a writer yet….exploited a lot of fringe possibilities,,.wishing you luck fr ur next post

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