Sex as Taboo


The teacher had asked the kid to stand up and read a paragraph from the book. She was fluent in English – very fluent.. and read in an almost British accent. But she came to a sudden halt – a short quick pause. The chapter was about the story of a sailor who had contracted AIDS and so the word ‘sex’ was inevitable. It was here that she had given a short pause. ‘Sezz’, she said quickly (with a deliberate lowering of voice) and continued reading.

Today’s society generally considers sex as taboo. Leave alone sex, even the word ‘sex’ is considered as taboo sometimes. I have often heard my college-mates say something called ‘seski’referring to ‘sexy’. I am no different. Even my mouth ends up making weird sounds such as ‘Hmm’ or ‘Ahem’ – a clearing of the throat – before saying that word. It is strangely funny to think how the phlegm forms in my throat just before encountering that particular word.

We must learn to accept the fact that sex is natural and there is nothing in it to be considered as hush-hush stuff. It is only then that the word can be ‘untabooed’

UPDATE : After I posted this, I came upon an article on the same topic. It provides more information on why sex is considered as a taboo and is a very interesting read.

Here is the link to it.


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