Immence Overflow Of Emotions… “Know me to like me”

This is “Immense Overflow Of Emotions”. A portion where I will be sharing some thoughts that I can no longer hold inside me (I really can’t). These emotions can be happy, sad, angry et al. The length can range from one-liners to short paragraphs.

You must know me to like me

“I’ve always liked people who know me to like me, because I think I’m quite likeable. But people who make up their minds based on the image in the papers or a voice on a pop record? They’re idiots.”

-Jonathan King

I would not go as far as King and say that they’re idiots. Naah. I believe that there is a “Goodness” in everyone. Some just don’t know it. Some don’t show it. I believe that people should not stick with one concrete belief. Instead, they should experiment with their thoughts and beliefs and learn to adapt. Don’t label me. Know me. Then you’ll like me.

Enjoy your day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Immence Overflow Of Emotions… “Know me to like me”

  1. Wow.How can I like you when I don’t know you. Its not really easy to know somebody nowadays because lets face it almost all of us play different roles throughout the day in front of different people in our lives. I wouldn’t say playing different roles is bad but it has become a norm for us to socialize. So ultimately the point I am trying to put out here is that are we letting the other person really know who we are before we expect them to like us?

    • U have entered into a complex topic of masks 😛 …. hehe
      i have to agree and disagree with ur statement… yes we do play some roles… but we are expressing ourselves arent we? one can then question what “identity” really is!!!
      But thanks for reading and commenting here..
      Do visit again… 🙂

  2. talking about identity and masks, so many to choose from don’t you think? I have a 5 year old cousin who behaves like an angel in front of his parents but is a competition to the devil when around his friends. You think he knows he is wearing a mask, or playing a role? We are the species who have perfected Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, but now the scenario wants us to compete in a environment controlled by humans (society). We are adapting to changes(put forth by the society as standard of good living) for success(survival) and that too subconsciously, its inherent in our genes that we pass on to the next generation.

    • I did not say it is not passed onto the next generation…
      I said that we must be expressing parts of ourselves…
      but, as u mentioned, if we are behaving differently with different person, then it is quite hard to say what one’s “true” identity is…
      Blah!!! Maybe I’m confusing myself… 😉

      And one question…
      “So ultimately the point I am trying to put out here is that are we letting the other person really know who we are before we expect them to like us?”
      Although you have mentioned that we play different roles, but shuldn’t people like/dislike us for whom we really are and not some made up character inside us?

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