The Lazy Work

Monotonously, the teacher exclaimed, “The Topic”. One student replied : Seven Wonders of the world. And so, it was done. We had to prepare an assignment on either one or all of the seven wonders of the world.

This incident took place weeks ago. The assignment was to be submitted on 20th of August.

On 20-08-2013, I got up at about 5 O’ Clock and started doing my assignment. Now, I felt very lazy on the prospect of having to write many details when I was reading about the topic that I had chosen. Then I decided to gobble up most details and add some gas. I call the end result The Lazy Work. Enjoy (Or maybe not).

Some might hate me for this and many might find this as rubbish. The truth is: This is rubbish but I like this rubbish. 😉


Topic : Christ the Redeemer

Jesus Christ, What is it!!!

“It” is the statue of Jesus Christ called Christ The Redeemer which proudly stands atop the Corcovado mountain, the eyes calmly surveying the little city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The locals, however, called it Christo Redentor (Try reading it in a French accent. Gives it more ‘oompf’)

So, How did it get there???

In the year of 1850, a huge bulb glowed brightly above the head of a local catholic priest, Pedro Maria Boss, who then immediately scurried to Princess Isabel requesting funds for erecting a religious statue in Rio. The Princess was not so enthusiastic about the plan and rejected it plainly.

Then, after 60 years, in 1910, the Archdiocese of Rio started collecting donations to build a religious statue. (The whereabouts of the local priest during this time is not mentioned anywhere, but I do know that he had a 32-teeth-displaying smile on his face wherever he was). After a “lot of thinking”, the statue of Christ was chosen. (If this kind of a discussion began during that time in India, we’d still be debating even now whether to erect the statue of Christ or Krishna or Hanuman or Shiva or even the statue of Allah. The collected donations, however, would be exhausted within a month on food expenses and what not). The foundation was put on 22 April 1922. Brazilian designer Heitor da Silva designed the statue. For sculpting, the Brazilians called on Paul Landlowski, a Frenchman who then proceeded to “construct” the monument in five years. It was inaugurated on October 12, 1931.

Panoramic View

Here is a quote by Andre Sampaio, the renowned whoever-he-is regarding the statue : “The statue of Christ the Redeemer, though majestic, is not the main attraction. What impresses most visitors is the breathtaking panoramic view. Almost every major city attractions can be enjoyed away from the top. The sugar leaf, the guanabara bay, the lagoon, the Atlantic ocean–”. Yes sure Andre. We know you can fill pages with your descriptions and lists but (un)fortunately, we have no time nor any pages left.

The statue, built of soapstone (a metamorphic rock rich in magnesium) and concrete, stands 30 meters high, it’s arms stretching 28 meters wide. It cost around $2,50,000 to build it.

So! It’s just another beautifully sculptured statue

Not quite old boy. The wide open arms of the Christo Redentor symbolizes that he is ready to love and accept all. A symbol of peace. Moreover, from the distance, the statue also has the shape of a cross, another symbol of Christianity.


Photo Credits : Google


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