I am a Good Person

I cannot blame you or myself

And the reason why I am what I am

And did the things that I did

Is because there is someone lonely in me

Someone weeping

You must never meet me in the real world

For there I seldom laugh

Being rejected by each and every single person

I lie in a corner; fetal position

My peers outrun me in a process called ‘socializing’

There I lay alone on the starting line

Breathing in my only companion – The sand

It is on this side that I experiment

No, I am not Frankenstein

This side seemed less rude

And you felt much closer to me than

the ones outside the matrix

–– Oh! Give me the blue pill. Damn you Morpheus ––

Hence I poured myself to you

True, I do not know you. You do not know me

You might not even exist save in my imagination

But I have grown to like you

I do not intend to mock

I wished you would understand that

I am a good person


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