On Television Serials

Reflecting on my friend’s post, I too have certain things to convey regarding serials. And here I use the term in it’s raw form. No use calling it soap opera. No refining of any sort. SERIALS in bold. It needs an air of contempt and rage; imagine Lord Voldemort seeing harry from the dead and yelling ‘SERIALS’. That kind. And while my friend was hit with the not so gentle waves of Hindi serials, I was hit harder, knocked down and forcefully trampled upon by a more brute creature : Tamil and Malayalam Serials, where the gestation period of a pregnant lady is higher than that of an African elephant and where people have that amazing ability to swing their head – 180 degrees – three times continuously whenever they hear anything shocking or surprising – all this accompanied by idiocratic background music.

Yes my friend, if you are the one caught between the hell of Tamil and Malayalam serials, I know the feeling bro.

I am reminded today of the countless discussions between me and my sister, of hatching conspiracies on whom to kill. It was always the music director first followed by the big man, director and the producers and then moving on to the actors and likewise.

My grandma, over 80 years of age, is the trouble maker. I am no more less. We wrestle everyday for the remote control and usually the stronger one wins – in this case, my grandma roundhouse kicks me in the face and snatches the remote from my hands. And then resuming her calm posture, she’d set about breaking records in television watching. On one occasion, my parents found her sleeping in front of the tele and as my mother switched it off, her eyes shot open and she gazed at my mom with cold malice. (Now I know that some of you might picture my grandma as a dull angry old woman but I assure you she smiles beautifully rest of the time and in-fact gifts me an occasional kiss on my sweaty forehead. She is a cheerful optimistic person). I am however here not to talk about my grandma (Coming soon) but about the stuff that she watches.

Let me summarize my thoughts about serials. They are first and foremost dragging. In one place, a family is getting ready to attend a traditional temple celebration. The ‘getting ready’ part lasted for a week or two. In another, the heroine’s survival attempt of running away from her killers over a distance of 100 feet takes more than two days. You see what I am dealing with. Next is ‘overacting’. This can include their stupid facial gestures to those unbearable wails and cries. I know there are some out there who brand me ‘cynic’. To those people, I’d recommend to spend a few days in my home. (I’m pretty sure you’d prefer death afterwards). Then the inevitable music. I can’t stand the background music that they put in these serials. Ranging from the music copied and modified slightly from other sources (usually films) to the low budget music : men or women singing in chorus making tunes with the air from their mouth and from the back (if you know what I mean), these can give you your first migraine followed by severe depression.

Quite often I feel an urge to throw a brick through that idiot box. And whenever I come upon those rare creatures who declare gloomily that they do not have a television set, I immediately hit them on the face and run like hell.


19 thoughts on “On Television Serials

  1. You should try some comedy skits in channels. The way they make fun these serials would really make them sit back and think of ending things abruptly…. Most of them are hilarious !! Brings some relief !!

    • Yep… I watch the shows from time to time… Some are actually not much… Others are simply downright hilarious esp. the parodies of films and serials… 🙂
      And thanks for visiting this site… Do visit again 🙂

      • The only thing for which I admire small screen or particularly serials business is – Women call the shots there. They get better pay than men ! Malayalam serial industry is extremely short of innovations. They should take a leaf out of Vijay TV in tamil. .. coz these guys are really innovative… a wide range of interesting serials in different milieus … breaking from the run of the mill Women fighting women et all. (I dont watch them but TRP s speaks loud) !
        Anyway it was a good post !!

      • I wouldn’t know of the serials in Vijay TV. They watch only the ones in Sun, Surya or Asianet. I’d also like to say that I wouldn’t mind watching serials that are innovative and interesting (infact I’d love to watch it)… If I get the time, I’ll try out the ones in Vijay TV… 🙂
        Thanks for the info btw…
        God Bless

  2. These are some things I encounter when I go home. Initially I used to get upset with the way the rest of my family (except my father, thankfully!) glue themselves to the idiot box but later I learned to live with it. These days I ignore.

    • hehe….I just can’t stand serials… You would find me cursing and making ridiculous comments on them which my grandma and sister would hate… Maybe, for me. it will take more time to adjust… 😛
      P.S. Truth is I glue myself to the idiot box as well :P… though in cartoons and films and occasional Nat Geo and Traveller 😉
      Do visit again
      God Bless

  3. Lol interesting post.. ayyo, tamil serials are maara kodumai. 😥 and i can relate many things including that remote fights with my grandma. :p but oops no complaints.. then I learnt to give some space for her tv timing. plus her fav serial finally put their end card. Phew. we are happy family now 😀

    • hehe… i wish it was as simple here… every serial seems to be her favourite, and then when one is over she shifts immediately to the new one 😛
      Funny thing is, she even watches serials that she doesn’t usually watch 😛 seriously… and even more frustrating is that they have started to broadcast serials on saturdays also… 😛 saturdays and sundays were actually a relief for me… but i guess the TV company were envious 😉 😛

  4. Adithya
    Your post rocks. I second your notion.
    But I would like to bring your attention towards some remarkable changes in the field. Comedy soaps like ‘karyam nissaram’ and ‘marimayam’ are excellent examples.
    But I think serials are the cause for most problems in families. Saas bahu fights are only exaggerated in soaps. Don’ t you guys agree?

    • Hehe…. Yep… It took me soo long to reply…. I have to say I’m sorry… 😦
      Yep… I watch Marimaayam from time to time… Not heard of kaaryam nissaaram..
      And it’s not only saas bahu that is being exxagerated…. but ALMOST EVERYTHING…. And dont get me started on it… 😉 😛

  5. Hi, very relatable post. Though I have only watched Tamil serials, I get your feeling. It surprises me how people watch them every day so dedicatedly.
    If there’s one thing more annoying than the drama, it’s the ads they make for these mega serials. The build up and tension, all paving way for a Friday freeze – they’re pathetic. What say you?

    • Hehe… Here when she watches the serials, and when the ads come up she quickly changes the channel and watches another serial and likewise…
      And later, when she tells the story, she mixes it all up unknowingly… 🙂
      And today I doubt it can be called a friday freeze for i think they have started to broadcast on saturdays too… which is bad news for me… :/
      What is the problem with cinemas? Why can’t the channal people broadcast more of good cinemas? But today we see only increases in serials…
      P.S. I’m beginning to get a little grumpy now…

      Well… God Bless… And do visit again…

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