I will love no more

I have loved many before you

And then I have loved you

It cannot be true love

for I expected something back

And you gave me at first your smile

And it was your eyes that smiled

And then as days sped by

You came closer

You touched me

Gently rubbed your hand against mine

And I brushed against you one day


It was your body that attracted me to you

Not too fat. Not too slim.

Nor stout Nor slender.

You were just the way I liked

It was what made you a woman

that got me attracted towards you

Those smooth contours

Perhaps it was your face

Perhaps it was your scent

Perhaps it was your smile

Or perhaps it was the way you really are; yourself


I closed my eyes and then opened it

And you still were not looking at me

You have not been looking at me for a long time now

And then your body transformed hideously

Your face became bland and the contours roughened

But the scent remained

Then you smiled at me

but this time with your mouth


And then your body started to droop

And then come together tightening

And it made you even more beautiful

And that made my pupils dilate

And my breathing heavy

That ended there


I looked at you one day

You were smiling

Perhaps you did notice me noticing you

Maybe you didn’t

I smiled


Do you know, a lot has changed in me

A lot has changed in you too

And I could feel it

And it hurts me a lot

And I have now made my decision

I will love no more


I will love no more

Perhaps I will love one more time

Once only, then once more


And maybe I will love you

And maybe I will look at you

Look after you

Take care of you

Even if you have not loved me


I have loved many before you

And then I have loved you


Poet’s Note : Inspired by Neruda


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