My First Love Letter

To Soorya

Soorya.. Soorya.. That

elegant motion of the

tongue from the head of

the teeth to its feet, repeated

in succession, – the graceful



of those Kathakali dancers, the

harmonic rhythm of air

molecules trapped between the

mouth of a melody singer – in

a mere whisper of your name,



when I hear it, a thousand

symphonies break into motion

slowing time, slowing space,

and voices from the distant part

of the universe ask “Why



she think she is not beautiful?”

My dear, I have to say that I

have discovered there is

sweetness in rejection but

my endeavour has just



Yours Lovingly


Poet’s note : First few lines inspired by Lolita


5 thoughts on “My First Love Letter

    • Thank you very much Abhra… For your informantion, this is my first attempt at a love letter (my first attempt at love also) and I actually gave this to a girl I like… 😉 😀
      And thank you very much for dropping by this little space… Do visit often 😀
      God Bless

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