Of four eternities of that

time of unexplainable feelings in me

whenever I see


you, it is today that I have begun

to see those marks on your

face, my love,


those tiny pimples on those

beautiful cheeks, the tired eyes

through which you


have tried so hard to keep (…)

lively whenever I was with

you, that dark


patch of sweat on your

churidhar underneath your arms,

those measured pauses


that you utter when you

end up being short of excuses,

and your smile


which covers your beauteous

mouth. I love you more than ever

now, but I


love him more. That old

shopkeeper, the gentleman, who

could not read


or write well, and with an

animated face, showed me today his

new camera phone


and told me of it’s ‘powerful’ features;

of the ‘fine lenses’, which on

in(tro)spection I found


it to be VGA, and showed me

blurred pictures of his little eight year

old daughter with


curious eyes. There was something there

in his eyes that I could not comprehend; yet

his naked smile


revealed it all. My dear, I love you,

but I love the shopkeeper and his

little daughter more.


8 thoughts on “Vision

    • Onnum parayandaa… ningal valiya pulligal… athrem onnum njaan–…


      ennonnum njaan parayilla… I am amazing… 😉 I know that…

      *hugs back* *Rahul dies of suffocation*

      But, on a serious tone, thanks da… Poetryil neeyum ninte aa SIRum aa pullikal… ningal randu perude poems etho vidhathil deep aa… You have a way with words…

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