Tharapadham – Straight from the Bathroom – Unadulterated

Music rendered unadulterated “Straight from the Bathroom”

There is Job Kurien’s “Straight from the heart” which gives us powerful surges of *insert emotion you get when you hear a song* when you listen to it. Then there are unforgettable melodies by Sooraj Santhosh and the team of “Masala Coffee”, the irresistibly magnetic voice of Abhay Jodhpurkar and Ajay Sathyan in “Sanksruti” and “Prayaan” respectively. And then there are voices drowned amongst millions of other voices by amateurs who sing from their unusually usual place — the bathrooms. Presenting to you “Straight from the Bathroom” series.

Music is created by legends in nature, by masters in the studio, and by amateurs in the bathroom


And here I present to you my first video, a rendering of the Romantic song “Tharapadham Chedoharam” from the movie “Anaswaram”. The song was beautifully sung by SPB and K.S. Chitra.

I hope I have not destroyed the song by singing it.


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