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All Things Bright and Beautiful


Never have I felt so much cheerful than after reading this impressive, magnificent one of a kind book. All things bright and beautiful is an autobiographical novel written by an optimistic, jolly veterinary surgeon, James Alfred Wight (Pen name : James Herriot). The book tells the story of a veterinary doctor (James himself), his practices, his sweet (and sometimes sour) experiences with the animals that he treats, his mingling with eccentric co-workers Siegfried Farnon and his brother Tristran Farnon and equally eccentric (if not more) owners and farmers all accompanied by his lovely wife Helen in the colourful Yorkshire Dales of Northern England.

The book is filled with interesting characters, human and non-human alike, and one will definitely fall in love with the ewes, the Irish hounds, the cows, the bulls, and the queer antics of another surgeon, his friend and a character no one will forget for a while, Granville Bennet. The book is a light read filled with colourful descriptions of the beautiful place and the beautiful people. I echo the words said by Miriam Korshak of Houston Chronicle : “If you ever have loved a friend, human or otherwise, this book is for you”.

Bottom line : All through the book there was an irresistible infectious smile on my face. I’d recommend putting this book first on your bucket list.


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