My First Love Letter

To Soorya

Soorya.. Soorya.. That

elegant motion of the

tongue from the head of

the teeth to its feet, repeated

in succession, – the graceful



of those Kathakali dancers, the

harmonic rhythm of air

molecules trapped between the

mouth of a melody singer – in

a mere Continue reading


College, Ragging, Decency and I

Approximately one year ago, right around this time, I cursed them. I cursed them harsh.


I hurried up the stairs and glanced at the teacher who was waiting on the top with a smile.

Teacher : Eathu departmentaa?

Me : Engl- English. English Department. First Yearaa.

She smiled at me and pointed towards the room on the left. I ran (okay, I admit, I walked fast) towards the place and stood near the door. It had already started; The meeting. My first day at college had just begun.


The thing that they (our seniors) used to scare us with had a length of two words : Continue reading

That precious, priceless thing of beauty

Lying comfortably on the sofa, that face smiled at me, and I smiled back. “You are mine, at least for a few days”. Then it had a bumpy ride in the side-box of my bike. A very precious and a priceless thing in my bike, I giggled. Upon, reaching home, I quickly paced up the stairs. “No, not today. Not Today”.

The Next Day…

Upstairs, my trusty computer, in it’s full Continue reading

Beauty and Elegance

Also titled : Infatuation

It was a normal day for me, spending my time with appa in the ‘chayakada’. It was not that far back. In fact, it happened a few days ago. Around 5 O’Clock, four people entered. They were probably in their early twenties. There was laughter and chaos in the wind after their entry. Jokes being thrown and comments being passed (I still wonder whether they said something about me and laughed).

A girl in her teens entered along with her Continue reading

During ‘Da Thadiya’

This is not, by any chance, a review of the film. But it is a collection of thoughts and feelings that I experienced on the day I went to watch ‘Da Thadiya’ by Aashiq Abu.

Me : Chetta, 25kg of tata salt.

I was in a shop buying salt for appa’s ‘chayakada’. The shopkeeper went inside and came out bearing a 25kg ‘chaak’ carefully balancing it on his shoulder and placing it on the scooter. I rode off to the shop. There I waited for my father who was very busy inside. So I accepted the task of carrying it myself. I tried to lift it using both hands. It was heavy. Then, I tried another method. I ‘bear hugged’ the ‘chaak’ and Continue reading

Paresh, A Little Kid

As I turned my cycle and got on it, I suddenly realized the last thing that I had said to him, Paresh.

Me : Enna njaan poyittu varatte?

It was not the type of tone that I usually use to bid a goodbye. Rather, it was more similar to the tone you use when you talk to a kid very much younger than yourself. This got me thinking.

Me : It was true. I used to talk to him as if he was a child studying in maybe 6th or 7th standard. I think that was the reason that I got a strange feeling whenever he called me ‘mone’. I know that he is very much Continue reading

The Beginning…

I remember it well. It was to the tunes of ARR’s ‘Pachai Nirame’ in ‘Alaipaayuthey’ that a thought came across me. I wanted to start writing a blog.

Me : Da, I want to start writing a blog?

Friend : Don’t you already have one? Something about some important information? Or something like that?

Me : Well..(laughs)… That is a huge failure… I didn’t Continue reading