Liebster or Bust !!!

Dedicated to Amma, Appa, Minnu, Ammumma and Kamal Hassan (My Hero)

I write this in the tunes of Ilayaraja’s ‘Ninaivo Oru Paravai’ from the movie Sigappu Rojaakkal’ and I don’t know why but I am reminded of the origins of this blog. I was unsure whether this blog would live when I had started to write the first post. Not a lot has come after that but they have certainly come and that is the important thing for me.

‘Endhan Nenjil’ – Kalaignan

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The Lazy Work

Monotonously, the teacher exclaimed, β€œThe Topic”. One student replied : Seven Wonders of the world. And so, it was done. We had to prepare an assignment on either one or all of the seven wonders of the world.

This incident took place weeks ago. The assignment was to be submitted on 20th of August.

On 20-08-2013, I got up at about 5 O’ Clock and started doing my assignment. Now, I felt very lazy on the prospect of having to write many details when I was reading about the topic that I had chosen. Then I decided to gobble up most details and add some gas. I call the end result The Lazy Work. Enjoy (Or maybe not).

Some might hate me for this and many might find this as rubbish. The truth is: This is rubbish but I like this rubbish. πŸ˜‰

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Immence Overflow Of Emotions… “Know me to like me”

This is β€œImmense Overflow Of Emotions”. A portion where I will be sharing some thoughts that I can no longer hold inside me (I really can’t). These emotions can be happy, sad, angry et al. The length can range from one-liners to short paragraphs.

You must know me to like me

“I’ve always liked people who know me to like me, because I think I’m quite likeable. But people who make up their minds Continue reading

College, Ragging, Decency and I

Approximately one year ago, right around this time, I cursed them. I cursed them harsh.


I hurried up the stairs and glanced at the teacher who was waiting on the top with a smile.

Teacher : Eathu departmentaa?

Me : Engl- English. English Department. First Yearaa.

She smiled at me and pointed towards the room on the left. I ran (okay, I admit, I walked fast) towards the place and stood near the door. It had already started; The meeting. My first day at college had just begun.


The thing that they (our seniors) used to scare us with had a length of two words : Continue reading

Sex as Taboo


The teacher had asked the kid to stand up and read a paragraph from the book. She was fluent in English – very fluent.. and read in an almost British accent. But she came to a sudden halt – a short quick pause. The chapter was about the story of a sailor who had contracted AIDS and so the word ‘sex’ was inevitable. It was here that Continue reading