How we almost brought down a hospital

I suppose it began with my friend’s ingenious ‘Get Well Soon’ plan and how it turned disastrous but to explain that I’ll have to take you even further back. On the summer of 2004, a bright monday afternoon, my Grandmammy whom I lovingly called Peep shot both her hands to her chest and wailed out loud causing the entire family of seven (including me) to cram ourselves inside a car and scram towards the nearby cardiologist. The cardiologist after examining her cardios politely informed us to go to the nearby neurologist. And so, we wheeled the car round to the neurologist who checked her neurons and calmly informed us to ‘pass by’ the twin doctors, the hematologist and the hepatologist. Cramming ourselves inside the car, we once again made off to the twins and after them, to the nephrologist, to the gastroenterologist, to the psychologist, then to the dentist – she didn’t even have a single tooth in her mouth! – and Continue reading